Choosing Life

A collection of videos, pictures, and stories. Please send your story. This website is here to help you find help whether you live in Greenville County SC or somewhere else. Medical Help, Abortion Pill Reversal, Adoption, Safe Places, and more.

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Meet Baby Olivia. For more information go to (here)

Viable is a one-act play, live on stage.
Viable is a heart-warming, triumphant story of a mother heavy-laden with secret shame, sorrow, and self-condemnation for 30 years because of her choice—until she experiences the healing, renewing, and restorative love of Jesus Christ in a most unexpected and unusual way.

Viable is a One Act Play to support their efforts and go to their home page please click Here

Live Action: For More, click Here

Abortion, or a better term is the murder of unborn babies is a grim reality. Some say it is a woman's choice. The reality is that the abortion industry makes a lot of money and THEY are the ones promoting this as the only option for a woman with an unplanned pregnancy. There is another option of course, and that is LIFE. This is life for the child but also life for the one who raises that child. As an example: See the article above section about the Miracle Baby

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